Clean Energy

We aim to improve our communities by giving the gift of clean energy to organizations that need it most; nonprofits on the front lines, serving our most vulnerable populations.

Solar PV
Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy is the fastest growing form of solar energy technology and is what most people think of when they think ‘solar energy’. Solar PV systems produce energy by converting sunlight into electricity via solar cells within a solar panel or module. Bell Labs in the U.S. invented the first modern solar cell in 1954. They have been produced commercially since 1958. PV systems are typically what people install at home to generate their own electricity, and are now cost competitive with other forms of energy, such as the coal or oil.
Solar Thermal
Solar thermal technology is the second most used solar technology. These systems work by concentrating heat (thermal energy) from the sun and transferring it to heat water and space in residential and commercial buildings. Solar water heating systems are among the cheapest ways home-owners can power their homes with green renewable energy. In the case of large solar thermal systems, like those being built in the Mojave desert, the concentrated solar heat is used to move turbines, usually through the boiling of liquids, which produce clean renewable electricity.

We are focused on improving communities and protecting the environment through solar PV and solar thermal projects. These solar technologies provide the most sustainable energy solution for Everybody Solar and our partner charities; however there are other existing and emerging clean energy technologies that will play a role in the much needed move to a clean energy economy. Here are a few that we predict to be major players. .

Clean Cook Stoves
To-date we have issued Energy Saving Jikos (110,000 Pcs), Solar lamps (70,000 pcs); trees planted (3 million trees), maize, sunflower and green grams certified seeds (10,000 Kgs issued), Sports kits (50 teams benefited), sports balls (320 balls), school bursaries (25 benefiting), college scholarships (32 on going), and the medical (free) access (5,000 beneficiaries). Our resolve is to make the lives of the people we work or partner with better….today and tomorrow. We continue to partner with communities (especially women and youth groups) to make their life’s and that of their families better.

Our foundation has achieved 80 % environmental management which included planting over 3million trees across tnc,giving 100k energy saving jikos,promoting youths and sport development, promoting education by supporting needy students.Ngece Rinjeu Foundation now is promoting the solar home system with 50% financing available. We are partnering with Micro Finance Institutions and Development Partners to ensure that all homes in Kenya rid the use of Kerosene completely.