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Welcome to our Ngece Rinjeu Foundation. A Foundation with a difference; formed to impact and improve the lives of thousands and thousands of marginalized communities.


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Eburru Forest Project

The Eburru Forest Project in the Rift Valley of Kenya whose aims are to reforest Eburru forest, conserve Lakes Naivasha and Elementeita, and provide safe drinking water for the residents of Eburru hills was supported by the

The Mt Kenya Trees Project

The Mt Kenya Trees Project was also supported by ITF and ran between 2009 and 2011, where over 200,000 Jatrophacurcas trees were planted in the semi-arid parts on TharakaNithi. The main aim of the the project was to

Mpigi Livelihood project

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The Mpigi Livelihood project in Mpigi District in Central Buganda, Uganda is based in the Nabukongole Wetlands that have been under threat from reclamation by a population that has been highly ravaged by poverty and

Lembus Project

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The Lembus Project. Based in Koibatek District in the Rift Valley of Kenya the Lembus Project involved 2,500 families in establishment of a community ecotourism programme, whose purpose was to raise income and promote forest

Mt Kenya Project

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Mt Kenya Project based on the slopes of Mt Kenya, in Eastern Kenya, has positively imparted on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people directly and indirectly benefiting from the project. Through bee keeping and tree

Water and Sanitation Project

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Water and Sanitation Project, through an MOU and support from The International Network of Basin Organizations-FRANCE (TWINBASIN X) towards funding for the project Promoting twinning of River Basins for Developing


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